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Social Awareness Programs

"The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness." Social awareness does not have a simple dictionary meaning. It is in fact a complicated concept, an archetype that has a variety of implications for numerous people. Social awareness can be defined as a principle that combines a series of factors. It is a model whereby one has fundamental knowledge about social issues including political, economical, technological, medical, environmental and scientific issues.

Why Social Awareness is important?

Knowing more about social issues makes us more responsible and enables us to take efficient actions in favour of the society. For example, if more children are taught about the ill effects of global warming, they will be more responsible with fuel. Social awareness is important in the field of technology. It can help to increase the general knowledge of the citizens. On the other hand, social awareness will help to know the negative effects of technology and therefore, it will help to moderate the use of technology Social awareness is also important to enable people, mostly women, to know their status and dignity in society. This will help them to uphold their identity and know their rights in society. We at National Public Welfare Mission run different welfare Programs from time to time for the society and people.Some of them are:

  • Road Safety Awareness

  • Technology Awareness

  • Awareness programs on health and sanitation

  • Tree Plantation and it's importance

  • Skill Development Programs